Adventure in a Luxury ...!
Kuro Tarangire Camp

Our camp is small little hidden gem. Full of heart and soul, and tucked into a grove of secluded riverside bush, it is so much at one with the wild that animals hardly look up as they do their thing around us. Elephants often pass right through camp.

Entamanu Ngorongoro

Perched on the wild side of the Ngorongoro Crater this is an elemental place, where we experience the Crater as it would have been many years ago. The views across the Crater and endless highlands from Entamanu Ngorongoro are pretty awesome.

Our Journey ...
Lamai Serengeti Camp

Standing proud above the plains, around a tumble of giant boulders. You can see from this outcrop, the Kogakuria Kopje, for miles and miles. Over a million wildebeest cross these plains on their way to dodge the jaws of death in the Mara River, just down the track. On the Lamai Wedge, bristling with mammals all year round, there’s never a dull moment.

Serengeti Safari Camp

To get as close as possible to the migration is our sole obsession. A million and a half wildebeest and zebra can’t be wrong, and this camp never settles for less. Our migration camp, Serengeti Safari Camp. Always hot on the heels of all the action surrounding the wildebeest as it moves through the Serengeti.

Adventure in a Luxury ...!
Chada Camp

A classic expeditionary camp in a million acres of mammals. The heart of the camp at Chada Katavi, raised decks nestle under the tamarind trees overlooking the vast Chada plains. with comparative luxuries like showers and silverware.

Greystoke Lodge

At the lakeshore, on a white beach, Greystoke opens its shaggy arms, hewn from vintage dhows, proffering yet another level of pleasure to all our intrepid guests. The white sand beach, backed by the Mahale Mountains. There really is no where in the world like Greystoke Mahale.

East Africa at Glance

East Africa as part of a well-paced safari that begins with Mount Kilimanjaro and the beautiful Amboseli and moves to the Masai Mara with its high numbers of big cats. Then it turns south into the Serengeti to see the annual wildebeest migration opt to trek endangered mountain gorillas in Uganda or Rwanda and end the indelible safari with a serene sand vacation on Indian Ocean.