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Ngutu Adventures & Safaris Ltd was founded in 2017 by a young entrepreneur who was born and raised in Tanzania East Africa. After his studies from 2010 he worked as an IT Admin in different companies and later decided to start a tour company in 2017 where he developed a deep knowledge of each and every remote corner of this impressive continent especially East Afria.

He passionately believes that holidays are made special by the people involved, the unique locations of the lodges, professionalism, the intimate and personal nature of each trip. Also, he believes that every journey is different.

The acknowledged performance in terms of customer satisfaction and a devoted focus to provide the finest tourism and travel experience has placed us in the top league of Tour Operators in Tanzania.
Implementation of innovative strategies, strong commitment, and an insatiable quest for success coupled with highly motivated professional team helped us to grow faster and strong in the travel industry and beyond.

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About us
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Professional Guide

Joseph MsuyaProfessional Guide

Joseph is known for his passion for conservation and wildlife photography. He has an in-depth knowledge of various Tanzanian national parks and is skilled in providing engaging and educational safari experiences.

Joseph MsuyaEnglish Guide

Professional Guide

Salehe WaziriProfessionalives Guide

is a highly respected and experienced safari guide in Tanzania. He is known for his extensive knowledge of wildlife and his ability to provide detailed information about the ecosystems of various national parks, including Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater.

Salehe WaziriEnglish Guide

Professional Guide

Peter JosephProfessional Guide

Is another well-regarded safari guide with a deep understanding of Tanzania's flora, fauna, and cultural heritage. He is known for his personable approach and skill in tracking wildlife.

Joseph EmmanuelSpanish Guide

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